Más que enseñar a programar


“Offering programming electives for students who want to learn Python or scripting won’t solve the underlying problem of digital illiteracy. So even if your goal is to teach all students to code, schools will first need to introduce computer-science concepts that help students learn how to stack the building blocks themselves.”

Leer en: Kids need to learn digital literacy, not how to code – Selena Larson

Aun no entendemos qué es la literacidad digital


“But “learning to code” is an exceedingly broad concept, and one which without more specifics risks oversimplifying conversations about what digital literacy really means. And how digital literacy is defined is important. This isn’t just about filling Silicon Valley jobs. It’s about educators, policy makers, and parents understanding how to give the rising generations of digital natives the tools they need to define the future of technology for themselves.”

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Cómo integrar la robótica en el aula de clases


“Many wonderful teachers who follow a constructivist pedagogy, when faced with the challenge of using computers in the classroom, revert to in-structionist ways of teaching and learning. They lack the needed training and expertise. Most early childhood education programs do not prepare teachers in the area of technology nor do they offer a vision in which teachers see themselves as designers of technologically rich curricula, and not merely consumers” (Profesores como diseñadores, leer paper completo)