Roba pero hace obra

(Salgamos un rato de los temas habituales del blog). Hay una suerte de indignación general, aunque sea exagerado decirlo, contra cierto pensamiento (que, equivocadamente, Rocío Silva le llama “pragmatismo criollo”) fuerte que ha aparecido en muchas encuestas, donde habría permisividad con aquellos gobernantes que roban…

El sitio que te enseña a programar

“Exercism is updated every day with programming exercises in a variety of different languages. First, you download these exercises using a special software client, and once you’ve completed one, you upload it back to the site, where other coders from around the world will give you feedback. Then you can take what you’ve learned and try the exercise again.

It’s a simple idea. But it could help the legions of people out there trying to learn to code well enough to land a job in this fast-growing field. In recent years, we’ve seen the arrival of so many tools that help turn anyone into a programmer, and this is one step towards widespread “code literacy.””

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Más que enseñar a programar

“Offering programming electives for students who want to learn Python or scripting won’t solve the underlying problem of digital illiteracy. So even if your goal is to teach all students to code, schools will first need to introduce computer-science concepts that help students learn how to stack the building blocks themselves.”

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